Rapid Relief from
Emotional Distress Series

About the Author

        James Campbell, M. D. was born in farm country in Middle Western Illinios.  He graduated co-valedictorian from Warsaw High School.  He then went to MacMurray College in Jacksonville , IL. for three years before being accepted to Univ. of Iowa, Univ. of IL. and St. Louis University Medical schools.  He chose to go to St. Louis Univ., and then to Michael Reese in Chicago for his basic three year adult psychiatric residency training.  In 1971, after two years in the Air Force, he set up private practice in Phoenix, Arizona.  Because of the rapid turn over of patients in his office , an outcome of the use of rapid reliefprinciples, he decided to extend the nature of his practice by taking a two year child fellowship at U.C.L.A.  It was here that he met Dr. Gary Emery who he later collaborated with to write the original Rapid Relief from Emotional Distress.   Dr. Campbell has a revision of the first book Rapid Relief from Emotional Distress Revised; a second book Psychological Therapy in a Pharmacological World- a book intended for physicians, phychiatrists, psychologists, therapists or counselors and a third book Teachers and Mental Health: The Art of Accurate Speech and other ways to help students not become psychiatric patients intended for teachers and educators.

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